The Girly Freak Show comes to SF!!!

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Hello All!
The Girly Freak Show is getting ready to blow your mind and rock your world.
Here are some fun dates to put on your calender.

Saturday March 27th-
Sly, Satanica, Brianna, and more at the
Odeon in SF
3223 Mission St. @ Valencia

Also Satanica will be doing a number with the TechnoMania Circus earlier that evening.
1320 Portero @ 35th St
8pm- $15 cover

Monday March 29th-
The World Famous Girly Freak Show at The Pound!
Look out for the SF Weekly's calender pics!
The Pound
100 Cargo Way (Pier 96) off 3rd St.

Sat. April 3rd we will be back in LA at the
C. I. A.!!!!
11334 Burbank Ave.
North Hollywood, CA
10pm $10 cover

We have lots of amazing performers on all of these shows- Girly Starlets old and new!!!!

Slymenstra- Fire Breathing and Tesla Coil World Record Holder!!!! Sword Ladder, Singing, Spidora, Snake Dancing.
We all know how amazing Sly is- yet she blows my mind every time I see her!

Ula The Pain Proof Rubber Girl- Contortions on a bed of razor sharp machettes! Ariel Stunts! Ula has been a Coney Island favorite for most of her life. It's a real special treat to see her on the west coast! Yay Ula!!!!

Miss Satanica- Fire, Swords, A bed of Broken Glass in the World's Most Dangerous Glass Dancing Act Ever!!!, and a flaming parasol!

Camanda Galactica- Her Dangerous All Nail Revue, Fire stunts, and her sexy swallowing act! One of the most innovative performers around. Oh and have you seen how cute she is? I mean really!!!

Brandy- Fresh off tour with the Genitorturers- we are honored to have Darling Brandy the Chain Goddess over our heads and in our hearts!!!

Stardust- Our charming Geisha fire temptress, and Slymenstra's brave and lovely whips assistant!!! Stardust is our very own Video Vixen!! She has starred in many music videos as "the hot chick". She gives Britney, Christina, and Mandy Moore, a run for thier money and a fire in thier bellies.

Chloe Sparkle- Will be entertaining you in ways you never thought you could be entertained with her gorgeous face and talented hands. Watch out boys- She's a heartbreaker and a love taker!!!

Our one man band- Mike Bolger- The Man With 2 Brains!
Mike is our jazz legend in the making! Fresh off a Russian tour with Brazzaville- and on his way to NYC next month with Los Super Elegantes, Mr. Bolger is always thrilled to share the stage with half-naked lovlies! He will amaze you with his one-of-a-kind talent of playing the accordian and trumpet both at once. Downbeat Magazine has compared his style with Sun Ra and you DON'T want to miss it!!

And NEWLY ADDED- The UNBELIEVABLE BRIANNA- on trapeze and stilts. One of the most beautiful performers you have ever seen. You may know her from MagmaVox and she is an incredible performer in her own right!

The Mesmerizing Kina Cochina will charm you with her gyrating snake dance!!!!

And HOPEFULLY the Amazing Eros will stop by for a set with the girls....
Because The Girly Freak Show always wants to give the ladies in the audience some sugar!!!!

We will also be bringing to the Bay Area for the First Time-
The Amazing FeeGee Mermaid Fire Dinner
With a side of lightbulbs and crickets, please!
You don't want to miss this- because you have never seen anything like it before.

LSD, Psylicibin, ect... recommended.

Miss Satanica
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    Fri, March 26, 2004 - 12:45 PM
    hey this is a weird obscure reply but if you think about it...

    And give Eros a hug from the guy he met who was doing the miami show with him for rabbit and keevins.

    and for that matter hug yourself for being a sexxxy circus freakazoid. break a leg!
    • Re: The Girly Freak Show comes to SF!!!

      Fri, March 26, 2004 - 8:54 PM
      Hey!!! I remeber you!! but I'm kinda blacking out on the whole Miami Trip....
      (wouldn't be the first time) are you sure we weren't in Houston or something?
      gypsy dysphoria.
      anyway, hugs back at ya....
      and SCOTT NERY!!! HOORAY!!!! I heard about your going away party but was detained, I'm happy to hear your sticking around for a bit...
      also congratulations on the new gig my friend. the amphibifriends, their fans, and most of the west coast will miss you greatly.
      tee hee..
      • Re: The Girly Freak Show comes to SF!!!

        Mon, March 29, 2004 - 2:43 PM
        shoot i don't even hardly know which town i'm in right now. but yeah, maybe houston or maybe tiawana. it's funny to finally speak again cause we have many mutual friends. we shall meet again...
        sorry. now back to your regularly scheduled program...

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